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Is the Lenovo G50-45 good or nah?

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As the lightest 15.6-inch budget laptop we’ve tested, Lenovo’s G50-45 looks like a bull’s-eye for commuters and frequent business travelers. And it would be, otherwise for its worst-in-class battery life. That makes the G50 a travel-friendly workstation only if you don’t plan to work far from a power outlet for long.

So can solid performance, a bright display and a super affordable $299 price make up for that one big shortcoming?

Does It Have A Good Display?

The G50 comes with a nice 15.6-inch screen that’s at least roomy enough for screen-intensive productivity tasks like viewing documents and editing spreadsheets. The HD display is pretty sharp, with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, so text looks crisp.

It also has the brightest display in its class, peaking at 238 nits of brightness. The average brightness among its closest rivals is 192 nits. That makes the G50’s screen easier to view in direct sunlight.

The Keyboard/ Touch-pad

The G50’s mediocre keyboard is typical for laptops within this price range. Keystrokes offer a reasonable amount of feedback, but it’s the shallow design of the keyboard that really hurts the typing experience, with just about 1.3 mm of travel. That makes typing on the G50 feel stiff compared with the experience on the X555LA (1.55 mm) and Inspiron 15 5000 (1.5 mm). Those notebooks are more comfortable for extended typing sessions, but the G50 is fine for working out the occasional email replay.

What Is It’s Design Like?

Obviously, the G50’s cheap design helps it achieve that lightweight. It’s not a bad-looking laptop, but its textured plastic lid feels hollow, and its plastic chassis doesn’t feel as durable as what you get on some competing machines like the sturdy Inspiron 15 5000.

Competing laptops feel like clunkers next to the Lenovo G50. Measuring 0.98 inches thick and weighing 4.6 lbs., the notebook is noticeably more portable than the 5.11-lb. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 and the 5-lb. Asus X555LA. That’s good news if you have to lug your laptop between home and the office.


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